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General Questions

Q When does the Victory Golf Pass expire?

A 12/31/22

Q How many times are you able to play each course with the Victory Golf Pass?

A Victory Golf Pass provides at least a Two Time Use at the posted discount per course with many courses offering Three, Four, or Unlimited Use.  Please see each course deal for specifics.

Q What are "Just Added" Courses?

A Just Added Courses have been added after the print publication of the Victory Golf Pass book. Must show Victory Golf Pass book at Pro Shop counter to verify that you are a Victory Golf Pass member and to receive the special discounted rates and Victory Days.

Q Are Carts included in the Player's Fee?

A Yes, unless otherwise noted.

Q Who is eligible for the "Hero" Rates?

A Hero Rates are for currently active US Military and veterans with Official Identification. Victory Golf Pass and our participating courses want to thank you for your service.

Q "Senior Rates" are eligible at what Age?

A Senior Rates are Age 60+ unless otherwise noted in the Victory Golf Pass Participating Course "Deal".

Q "Junior Rates" are eligible at what Age?

A Junior Rates are for Kids under Age 18 unless otherwise noted in the Victory Golf Pass Participating Course "Deal".

Q "Off Season" Rates are available during which months?

A Off Season Rates are for November 1-March 31st unless otherwise noted.

Q Can I buy more than one Victory Golf Pass?

A Yes.  We do not restrict the number of passes an individual buys.

Q Is the Victory Golf Pass transferable?

A Yes, you may allow someone else to use your Victory Golf Pass, but NOT on the same day at the same course. The Victory Golf Pass may only be used once per course per dayEach Player must have their own Victory Golf Pass book in hand when checking in at the Pro Shop.

 Q Does each person in a group need to have a Victory Golf Pass book in
order to receive the discounted rates?

A Yes, each person needs to have a Victory Golf Pass booklet in order to receive the substantial Victory Golf Pass discounts, unless otherwise noted in the Victory Golf Pass (such as with One FREE Play with One Paid Play, or Foursome Special).

Q Are there any extra fees when we get to the course?

A No surprises: the published rate in the Victory Golf Pass is all you pay (unless otherwise noted).

 Q Do I need to call ahead to make a tee time?

A Yes.  Always identify yourself as a Victory Golf Pass holder when making your tee time.  Some courses are specific about the tee time requirements as noted in the Victory Golf Pass.

Q How many days do I have to call for a tee time before the day I want to play?

A Depends on course, however rule of thumb is 7 days for Public Courses, and 14 Days for Private Courses.  Some courses restrict weekday and weekend bookings and their policies
may be noted in the Victory Golf Pass.

Q Are the times specified in each course deal guaranteed?

A All tee times are based on availability.  Please notify Victory Golf Pass if you encounter routine difficulties making a tee time with a participating course.

 Q With the Private Courses, can you bring golfers who do not have the Golf Pass?

A Please check with each Private Course concerning privileges.  If they allow guests, they will be asked to pay a higher players fee.  Please advise the course of the number of guests that do not have the Victory Golf Pass.

Q With the Private Courses, do we call ahead of time to reserve a tee time?

A Yes, with all courses, please call ahead and advise the course you have a Victory Golf Pass.  A credit card may be required.

 Q Do I have to bring someone or a group to get these great rates?

A Not unless otherwise noted as in "foursome required".  You can play by yourself, however you may be asked to be paired up with other golfers.

 Q If we bring just 2 Victory Golf Passes, will the course allow twosomes?

A Each course has its own rules.  Please ask when making a tee time if you will be paired up with other golfers.  A majority of courses will pair all singles and twosomes up with other players.

Q Do you offer a quantity discount on the Victory Golf Pass?

A Yes. Buy 2 or More books and Save 10% or More Off Cover Price.

Questions about Registering Your Pass

 Q Do I have to Register my Victory Golf Pass in order to use it?

A No activation is required, you may play right away! We do, however, ask that you Register your pass in order to receive our important e-mail updates, newsletters, and additional promotions throughout the golf season.
Click the 'Register Your Pass' link on the left to Register online.

Handicap Service Sign Up / Questions

Q How do I Sign Up for my Golf Handicap?

A You must first fill out our "Handicap Sign Up Form". Click the "Golf Handicap" link on the left sidebar to get started. You will need your Victory Golf Pass Book ID number located on the top back cover of your Victory Golf Pass book.

Q I "Registered My Pass", why have I not received my Handicap Number?

A Please note that "Registering your Pass" is different than filling out the "Golf Handicap
Sign Up Form".  All players wishing to take advantage of the Golf Handicap MUST SIGN UP for this service EACH YEAR to set up or reactivate their Handicap account. The Handicap Sign Up Form can be located by clicking on the "Golf Handicap" link on the left navigation bar.

Q How long before I receive my Handicap number?

A Once you fill out and submit the Golf Handicap Sign Up Form, you will receive an email from US Handicap our Handicap Service Provider with your Handicap number and instructions in approximately 3-5 business days once your account has been set up. Note: this email will not come from Victory Golf Pass.

Q How do I Post a Score with US Handicap System?

A We've created a Step-by-Step Posting Instructions Page (with screenshots) to help our customers navigate our Handicap Service Provider - US Handicap. On our Golf Handicap Page, click the "Step-by-Step Posting Instructions" button.

Q I've posted scores, why isn't my Index appearing?

A Once you have 5 valid "in season" 18-hole scores posted, then a revision (revisions are the 1st and 15th of each month), your Index will appear. As you post more rounds, per calculation, a larger number of scores will be used in your calculation.  For the first revision, it will only use a few of your lowest differentials (better scores).

Q How do I contact US Handicap Customer Support?
I'm having trouble logging in, or have questions regarding posted scores, etc.

A If you are having trouble logging into your US Handicap account, or if you have any other questions related to your handicap, please contact US Handicap's New Customer Support Phone Number: 833-933-7200. You may also fill out a support ticket on their online Support & FAQ Page. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the "Support Request" button. Fill out the form and detail the issue you are experiencing and an representative will get back to you shortly.

Online Ordering

Q When I order online, do I need to have an account with Pay Pal?

A No.  You may order using a credit card or e-check without setting up an account with PayPal.  Click Here for Step by Step Online Ordering Instructions.



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