Victory Golf Pass Testimonials

"In 2018 I saved over $600 and played 13 courses with the Victory Pass!"

Chris Coremin, Glassboro NJ

"Victory Pass - we use all the time and play courses we probably wouldn't play for a reasonable rate. We have a large group that goes together - everyone has the Victory book."

Don M., 1/14/17

"Victory Golf Pass - Great as always every year - Great Job - Save $$$"

Conklin Players Club, NY, 1/14/17

"The Best Golf Deal anywhere. I have gotten every year. Friends Hooked!"

Harry W. Sharpind, 12/17/16

"One use of my Victory Golf Pass paid for it! I will save alot of money this summer; in fact, I already have. I get one every season and highly recommend it."

Beth Martin, 5/24/15

"The Victory Program with us far exceeds any other discount book or reseller."

Ron Ralston, Director of Golf Operations, Harbor Pines Golf Club

"I have a group of 35 golfers who have been purchasing the Victory Golf Pass book every year
 since 2006. We try and play a different course from the book each week. On average we
play 20 rounds and save around $400 each year. We also get to play some very nice courses.
The book is a great gift for any golfer."

 Tom Mooney, Lansdale, PA

"This [Victory Member Outing] is an awesome event and one we look forward to playing in each year!"

Mark Logsdon

"This is the best bang for your buck hands down.  Pays for itself after 2 uses and it benefits
a great cause."

Russ Convery

"Get to play better golf courses for less than $50 a round."

Ed Kinsler

"I was so pleased with the Victory Golf Pass this year!  Not only did my brother and I save
$500 on greens fees this year, we doubled the amount we played.  The courses that were
offered were great and we were treated like 1st class citizens when we presented the
book for play.  I'll always continue to buy!

Brad Cohen, Philadelphia, PA

"If golfing is your passion, then the Victory Pass is a must.  The price of the package pays for itself after two outings, not to mention all the golf courses you can visit.  There is no better deal in the tri-state area.  The end of year scramble was great.  I recommend it to all.  You won't be disappointed."

T. Archie

"Victory Golf Pass provides its members with an opportunity to play very nice golf courses in the
MD, PA, DE and NJ at discounted prices, while supporting a very worthwhile cause,
a cure for Crohn's & colitis disease."

Art Scarlatti, Newark, DE

"My first year with Victory Pass.  Have had other discount books but non comes close to Victory because:  * Raises $ for very worthy causes.  *Access to play private courses.  *Pass also valid on weekends.  *Includes carts.  *Save $30 (or more) each time used.  *No dogtracks - all quality courses.  *Always accepted at participating courses - never given a hard time.  Highly recommend Victory Pass and I'll be getting one every year."

Matt Lore - Wilmington, DE

"I had the Victory Pass in 2006, and saved over $250 and got to play very good courses.  I recommend the Victory Pass book to anyone who wants to play alot of golf at a reasonable price and play good courses."

W. Travers Rinehardt

"Victory Golf Pass is a great way to play various golf courses in this region.
The [end of year] Tournament was a great treat at North East."

H. Kennish

"8 neighbors, 8 Victory passes.  Passes paid for themselves twice over and we enjoyed the variety of different courses every couple weeks."

Somerset Lake, Knoll II

"The Victory Golf Pass is the best deal in town.  It pays for itself after 1 round.  This is my 3rd year and I'll be back next year & the year after."

Mary-Ellen Walter

"Never played this much golf for so little $.  Thanks!!"

Brian McMahon

"Enjoyed Regents' Glen, Hunter's Oak, and Links at Gettysburg.  Played Upland a lot, nice to see a discount.  The course at Cambridge, MD is out of our price range - in the summer - really enjoyed that one.  Have seen so many new courses.  Thank you VGP!"

"The book has a great variety of courses.  We've played from Ocean City, MD to the Poconos. 
The cost is nothing compared to how much we saved on greens fees.

Brian & Andrea Sagirs, Boothwyn, PA

"If others experienced what me and my two golfing buddies did using the
2005 Victory Golf Pass they'll be lining up to buy the 2006 Pass!  We got to play
some really, really great courses...from the Maryland Eastern Shore to mid-Jersey
and up in PA, and save some money at the same time!  Combined we kept in our
pocket close to $900!  Although we probably did spend the savings in various
pro shops!  Sign us up for '06!

Len Holmquist (WDEL Radio, Wilmington, Sports)

"The success of the Victory Golf Pass has allowed Hartefeld to showcase our golf course
to a wide variety of individuals and corporations as we continue towards privatization.  This exposure
has not only filled our tee inventory it has helped our restaurant and merchandise sales. 

Patrick Shine, Director of Golf, Hartefeld National

"We have tried all the discount books that are out there over the years.  Yours is the best by far.  This year's book is even better.  You offer courses that we get excited about playing that normally we would not or could not play.  Private courses we could not get on or courses that deserve a road trip that we have made this year.  You are the very best already in year two.  This will be the first year that we do not buy 3 or 4 different golf books.  Yours will be the only one this year.  If we use it up I will buy another one.  Victory Golf Pass is the Augusta National of the discount golf book business."

John Higgins, Broomall, PA

"I have played courses that I normally wouldn't play because of Victory Golf Pass.  It is a great deal."

Earl Stockton, NJ

"Paid for itself after the first time out!"

Dave Rabeno

"In regards to Victory Pass Golf Book the courses and price was unbeatable. 
You can't beat this deal and all the clubs treated you great and it all went
 to a fantastic cause."

Rich Wilson

"The Victory Pass has been a steal, a real bargain.  I played more this year than ever before and as a result my game has improved.  I owe it all to the Victory Pass. 
Thank you!"

David Sterling

"Thank you very much.  We (our group) had talked about how high some of these
courses have gotten with their rates and we just didn't want to pay those
prices to play.  Then lo and behold here comes Victory Golf Pass just like an
 Angel from heaven.  Again we say thanks and you will be hearing from quite
 a few of the guys from the Willingboro (New Jersey) area."

Kenneth Washington

"Have played several courses in the Victory Golf Pass Book.  Hershey, Wren Dale, Hartefeld, Lancaster Host, Blue Heron East, Chesapeake Bay Golf Club at North East and Rising Sun.  All have been very gracious to all players who have come with me. 
Victory Golf Pass is an excellent deal."

Kurt Gross

"Victory Pass is terrific!  Our regular group played several new courses and enjoyed every one."

Tom Barry, Newark, DE

"My 2nd year.  Great deal.  Excellent that proceeds go to Crohn's Foundation.  Golf course operators very receptive to Victory Pass holders.  Unbelievable courses at great prices."

L. Wayne Lippincott, Berlin, NJ

"If you use it once it pays for itself."

Mike Walter

"Greatest book value for the money."

Paul Mattaison

"We have used the Victory Pass many times this year and have enjoyed the many opportunities to play at very reasonable rates.  Good job."

Rich Mayor

"Great [end of year] tournament run by a great organization - Victory Pass."

John Lange, Barrington, NJ

"Victory Pass book is the best deal going for avid golfers."

Bob, (NJ)

"A great value for a great cause.  Saved over three times the value of the book in greens fees.  Too many great courses to choose from!  Looking forward to next year.

Charlie Hensel, NJ

"Best buy of all books - saved $600 last year."

Jim Whitesell

"Best card I ever had - saved big $."

Greg, Dresher, PA

"Paid for itself after 2 times."

Joe Whittiek

"Victory Golf Pass is great.  Play great golf clubs at great rates."

Michael Marino

"Victory Golf Pass has given my group of golfers the experience to play a whole bunch
of new courses at great prices!"

Barb Kearney

"The only reason I come to the golf show."

Koleen Dougherty

"Great discounts at some terrific courses.  And for a worthy charity."

Joe Dunleavy

"Liked the idea of charitable contribution."

Hubert Curristin

"Loved every time we used the pass.  Worth every penny!"

J. Thomas

"Victory Golf Pass is the best thing going in golf today.  All the best courses at great rates. 
Worth every penny."

Ronald Van Wynsberg

"I wish I had time to use it more.  It was that great."

Richard Cretam

"The Victory Golf Pass is a must for the serious golfer in the mid-Atlantic."

Dennis Yonosh

"Buy it!  It's great!"

Jack Kilroy - 2 passes in 2005, 2 passes in 2006


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